Sunday, May 15, 2016


HI, today I'm leaving Bali so this is my last blog entry, sad to say :((( .

I still have one more thing to share. I got to go to an elephant Rescue Sanctuary and got to feed them, ride them, wasch them, take a bath with them. We also had breakfast which was great (we had human food of course, not Bamboo.

They have big ins and outs wich means they eat 250 kg a day and their poop is as big as my head!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 11: Elephants!

Today I went on a once in a lifetime experience.  I got to ride elephants in water, I got to ride them just alone, I got to wash them and got breakfast.  All in one package!  I also got to see a talent show of the elephants.  I learned the elephants were rescued from Sumatra.  Some died on the journey here (Ubud, Bali) sadly.  They had four baby elephants and 37 elephants in all at the park.  10 elephants were boys.  Here is me riding an elephant in the water.

Me and mom having fun on our elephant ride.  Elephants eat a lot!  They eat 250kg of food a day.  As the trainer told me: "big in!!  BIG OUT!!!!"  They poop is huge.

I was at the elephant talent show.  They asked me to come hold the possible answers to math problems the elephant had to solve.  The elephant got it right.  I wish I had one of those at home to help me with my math.

Today I felt empathetic for the elephants that got hurt.  But they can still do all this stuff.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 10: Offerings Part 2 and More Food

I learned how to make an offering. The flowers have to go in special places in the little  basket.  Also, only girls can do it.  There is also a special way to cut the bamboo leaves.  I learned how to do this at a Balinese house that we were invited to.  The mother taught us.  We gave the offerings to the family's temple.  We got a leaf and put it in between our hands and prayed and then we put it in our hair. Hears a video on how to cut the bamboo leaves and some photos of me making the offering.


We also learned how to cook.  I learned how to make Tum.  Tum is banana leaf.  Inside is a little black leaf.  On the black leaf is potato, minced chicken and seasonings (I can't remember them all).  You put it all in the leaf and then fold it up and put a stick through it and then place it above boiling water to steam.  Then you can take out the wooden stick and you can eat it.  It holds its shape from being steamed.  I did not like it.  It had potatoes in it and I don't like potatoes.  I suggest making it with rice and chicken.

Here is me filling my banana leaf with Tum.

I was a risk taker today by trying Tum!

Day 9: Fruit - Part 2

You have been asking about how to eat mangosteens so I made a video for you.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 8: A Fun Night of Dancing

I am in Munduk, Bali.  Tonight i went to the manager's house of the mountain guesthouse we are staying in. He has a girl who is 9 like me, her name is Sophie like me with an e at the end.  She is in 3rd grade like me, dances like me but she dances Balinese.  We taught each other how to dance.  She taught me Balinese and I taught her Jazz.  BUT we didn't speak the same language.  We taught each other to speak a little English and Balinese.  Here is a video of her teaching me at her home.

She picks out all the red stuff out of her food.  I pick out all the green stuff out of my food.  Her birthday is on April 11th and mine is on March 1st.  We are only five weeks apart.  She was very nice and sweet.  I wish she lived in America so I could see her more.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Fun Post: Pool Safety

This is not where I am right now, but it is from where I was a few days ago (Gili Air - so pretty).  I recorded video and I thought you would love it because this pool was a bit of a surprise to me.  I hope you enjoy.



If you were curious on how or where I do my homework...

At the breakfast table.

In the car....

And at the bar...